2. I accept the terms and conditions as set out in the by-laws and regulations by the relevant City Council for the control of electricity and water, as revised from time to time.
  3. I understand that this meter is a SUB METER and are not intended to replace any primary meter already installed by the local authorities.
  4. Although all effort will be made to ensure that the correct tariff is loaded on the sub meter it is the responsibility of the owner to verify the correctness thereof.
  5. If the Equipment was supplied and installed by SOS Prepaid Solutions, and it becomes faulty due to technical reasons, a new meter will be installed free of charge, save in the event of the meter becoming faulty or being damaged as a result of tampering, interfering illegal operation, abuse or the use of the meter contrary to the instructions of the manufacturer concerned. In such circumstances, a new meter will be reinstalled by SOS Prepaid Solutions but be invoiced at the full replacement and installation cost thereof which will then be payable to SOS Prepaid Solutions by the Owner/Client of the Premises. The Owner/Client concerned shall make its own arrangements to recover any such expenses from the consumer/occupant/party that was responsible for the damage caused to the Equipment concerned directly.
  6. The parties acknowledge that SOS Prepaid Solutions is entitled to a service fee of 13% of your purchase to drive the vending services offered.
  7. All damaged meters or faulty meters must be reported within 24 HOURS
  8. SOS Prepaid Solutions have a R25 VAT inclusive maintenance fee that will be loaded monthly onto the meter. This maintenance fee will ensure that the meter will be replaced should it become faulty due to any event outside the manufacturing guarantee.
  9. SOS Prepaid Solutions shall not be liable to the Owner/Client for any liability, loss, expense, claim, action or damage suffered or sustained by that party, or any other party, howsoever arising, unless such liability, loss, action, expense, claim or damage arises out of or pursuant to an intentional or grossly negligent wrongful act or omission of SOS Prepaid Solutions.
  10. SOS Prepaid Solutions shall not be liable to the Owner/Client or any other party, in any circumstances whatsoever for any indirect, contingent or consequential loss sustained or incurred by such party howsoever arising, and of whatsoever nature, including but not limited to loss of profits, whether or not both parties or either party contemplated such losses or damages at any time.
  11. I accept that in the event of unauthorized reconnection of services or tampering with meter and wiring, the end consumer will be fined R1000.00 and SOS Prepaid Solutions reserves the right to lay criminal charges and that I will be held liable for any damages as a result thereof.


 2.1 The tariffs applied to the consumer/owner will be in line with the prescribed tariffs of the Local Supply Authority but will also be reflective of the actual cost to supply electricity to the end consumer.

2.2 The Service Provider accepts the installed capacity to the consumer’s premises as the relevant supply size when determining the applicable tariff. Tariffs are linked to the property and not the account holder. It is therefore accepted that the installed supply is contractually agreed upon between the consumer and the landlord.


3.1 SOS Prepaid Solutions will not be liable to refund you the consumer / owner for the remaining credits on your meter.


4.1 It is agreed between the parties that the Service Provider will be entitled to disconnect electricity supply in the following instances:

4.1.1 where the consumer/owner fails to sign and complete the Agreement; and/or

4.1.2 in the event of the Service Provider suspecting and/or proving that metering equipment has been tampered with; and/or

4.1.3 where the consumer/owner has acquired utility supply illegally.

4.1.4 in the event of the provision of false information by the consumer/owner in the Agreement.

4.2 Reconnections of utilities will only be carried out during business hours and may take up to 48 business hours after payment has been received by the Service Provider.

4.3 In the event where a consumer/owner defaults on their utility account, credit control action will be instituted for the collection of outstanding amounts. A credit control action fee will be charged to the account holder’s account for any credit control notices sent. A disconnection and/or reconnection fee and an increased risk deposit (where applicable) will be payable should the Service Provider disconnect the supply due to non/short payment.

4.5 The Service Provider cannot be held liable for any form of loss or damage suffered due to:

4.5.1 the disconnection of electricity supply due to tampering of metering equipment.



5.1 The Service Provider is entitled reasonable access to the premises for the connection / disconnection of services, reading of meters, inspections, maintenance and/or repairs of meters.

5.2 It is illegal to tamper with any metering equipment and unauthorized entrance to a meter room / enclosure is strictly prohibited.

5.3 In cases where it can be proven that metering equipment has been tampered with, or where electricity / water has been illegally acquired, the supply to the premises will be terminated and the Service Provider will impose a tampering fee for which the consumer/owner will be liable.


6.1 The Service Provider is a qualified entity in the business sector and therefore promotes mutual respect as well as fair and accurate business practice.

6.2 The consumer/owner is responsible to provide the Service Provider with any updates and/or information pertaining to new and/or additional contact information, to ensure an accurate client profile and communication. A Change of Personal Details form can be obtained from SOS Prepaid Solutions office, or on our website



7.1 Where the consumer/owner is a legal entity, the person signing any Agreement binds himself in person as surety and co-principal debtor, in solidium jointly and severally with the consumer/owner for all amounts due or obligations arising from the terms of this Agreement.

7.2 I/we renounce the benefits arising from the legal exceptions, exclusion, division, cession of action, errore calculi non causa debiti, revision of accounts and no value received, with the meaning of which I declare myself to be fully acquainted.

7.3 Where the consumer/owner is a legal entity, the person signing any Agreement warrants that he/she is duly authorised thereto. U