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SOS Prepaid Solutions has established itself as one of the leaders in the re-selling of electricity and water on behalf of the Local Municipal supply authorities, meaning we conduct an electricity management service for premises to which the Local Authority only provides a bulk electricity and water supply. Being in the service provider environment, SOS Prepaid Solutions has gone to great lengths to ensure that the end client user is the local point of our business.

I believe we are the best in our field because we have the peoples interest on our hearts and 
we provide a service to our very best capacity. We pride ourselves with properly trained staff with several years of experience in our field. Having good product knowledge and understanding is a key to meet the customer’s needs in an efficient and an effective manner. Along with knowledge and a positive attitude.

Summary of Services

Each month we take pictures of your meters and readings, we invoice the individuals accordingly and supply B/C with reading: We do not recover any money,

Prepaid meters are installed in your unit(s) your tenant manages their own electricity and at the end of the month we pay over the total revenue collected on the prepaid meter to the owner/ body corporate. We do not manage the bulk meter.

We take full management of the Bulk Meter and monthly photos of readings will be available per electricity meter. A Readings report with SUM totals for kWh for all the units and rand value can be provided to the body corporate on a monthly basis.
We offer a rent to own system on this package whereas we rent the prepaid meters at an easy payable R35.00 per month.

Contact Information

Office: 010 132 9015
After hour emergency number:  084 317 9428
Please note: this number is not for account queries for any account related queries please call our office during office hours .
Monday – Thursday 8:00 to 16:30
Friday – 8:00 to 15:00

Why use SOS Prepaid Systems?


Our revenue protection solutions helps landlords, managing agents as well as body corporates collect funds for utiities.


Our Electricians are all certified and have a combined experience of over 30 years. They will provide the property owner with a installation report and an instructional Pamphlet once the the installation is complete. 


Our platform integrates seamlessly with billing systems.

We have multiple support channels which includes: online Fault Reporting, Office Support, Online Live Chat, After Hours Emergency, Email Support

The Solution to all your Electricity Needs!

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