SOS Prepaid Solutions has established itself as one of the leaders in the re-selling of electricity and water on behalf of the Local Municipal supply authorities, meaning we conduct an electricity management service for premises to which the Local Authority only provides a bulk electricity and water supply. Being in the service provider environment, SOS Prepaid Solutions has gone to great lengths to ensure that the end client user is the local point of our business.

I believe we are the best in our field because we have the peoples interest on our hearts and

we provide a service to our very best capacity. We pride ourselves with properly trained staff with several years of experience in our field. Having good product knowledge and understanding is a key to meet the customer’s needs in an efficient and an effective manner. Along with knowledge and a positive attitude.

Who to Trust?

Consumer trust in the energy sector has hit an all-time low. Energy is as vital to our lives as the air we breathe and the water we drink, there for it is in the interest of all people to be trustworthy towards electricity re-seller companies.

But how?

SOS Prepaid Solutions believe the proof is in the service, therefore we can provide solid references from big property management companies and Chairpersons from several big complexes. We commit to keeping our promise in delivering the best customer service and complete satisfaction. This is an important way to maintain your customer for continuing business.