SOS Prepaid Solutions takes full responsibility for the utility management of your entire complex I building.

SOS Prepaid Solutions has a specialized utility software program for capturing, formatting, billing and reporting of utility consumption information. As an energy and utility managing contractor, we initiate and maintain a direct relationship with the local supply authorities. Our Service Packages are custom designed to meet with the specific requirements of each client according to their budgets. Once a landlord, building owner or the property management company has taken the decision to make use 
of our services, the following procedures are applied by SOS Prepaid Solutions to ensure an orderly and smooth transition from the previous electricity management company. The marketing director will enter into negotiation with the landlord to determine the precise requirements that he may have with regards to his building. The method of recovery for electricity/water costs of communal and service areas will be discussed and agreed upon and a letter of appointment will be required.

On this option we also provide a rent to own prepaid meter option.

We will then notify the consumers in writing of the take-over and the take-over procedure. This is essential to ensure that consumers are not caught by surprise when they are asked to sign agreements and also to pay the deposits that may be required from them.

SOS Prepaid Solutions will do a full mapping of the building ensuring that the electricity meter of each premises is indeed the correct meter for that premises, that it is functioning properly, and that it is adequately sealed to prevent tampering. A start reading of the meter is also taken and there after the readings will take place every month on the same date. Invoices will be delivered and emailed to 
each consumer.

The service area
I common property will also be metered and invoiced to the property management.