SOS Prepaid Solutions do things according to law and use the bylaws of our local municipalities as our guidelines.

A section from the Provincial Gazettes.

Prepayment Metering.

(12.4) where a consumer is indebted to the owner for electricity consumed or for charges. previously raised against the consumer, the owner may deduct a 
percentage approved by the. council from the amount tendered to onset the amount owing.

Our Prepaid Electricity meter system is a comprehensive turnkey solution to control your I your tenant’s usage and help saving in electricity consumption. We have single phase meters, split meters and three phase meters. There is flexibility in purchasing recharge tokens in. stores, online or a direct transfer with EFT.

This system entitles us to:

• Recover money for electricity before using
• Load penalties, levies or rent on meter
• No more tenant vs owner’s disputes

To Your Benefit:
• Legally recover rent or penalties- Owners
• No more unexpected high accounts – Owners I Tenants
• Better budgeting – Tenants
• No Disconnection problems – Owners I Tenants
• No More Tenant VS Owner disputes
• Greater awareness – Tenants

Option 1: Sectional Title / Single Stands

Option 2: More than 1 Property per stand