The owner/ body corporate buys the prepaid metering from SOS Prepaid at a negotiate price and we install the pre-paid meters free of charge.

At the end of each month the total revenue collected on the prepaid meters is paid to the property owners or body corporates bank account. There is a 9% vending fee and
4% administration fee on all transactions for the use of the system. This fee will be recovered when purchasing a token, the tenants are charged this convenience fee, so the Landlord does not pay for this service.

On the day of installation, a pamphlet with instruction on how to purchase electricity and all our contact details is left at the unit. Your tenant will then purchase electricity as needed throughout the month.

We have the same option available on our sub prepaid water meters, however unfortunately we do not install the water meters but SOS would be happy to recommend to you a well-known and trusted plumber to install your water meter.

We also offer a rent to own proposal on this package whereas we rent the  prepaid meters at an easy payable R35.00 per  month.